Meet Malati

Hi Everyone! My name is Malati, and the creator of Cutiedoki. Ok, I admit, I’m guilty of liking (could be obsessing) of anything CUTE!!! Ever since I was a kid, I always love to collect cute stuff. It doesn’t have to be a fancy thing, but as long as it matches my category of cuteness, then it’s a keeper 🙂 My husband loves to call me “The Squirrel” because according to him I love collecting and keeping cute, tiny, unnecessary things! Ha! But really, all of these is because I value them. May it be a rugged handmade birthday card made by a friend, a candy wrapper I kept when I and my husband had our first date (LOL! I know, I’m shallow..), or a simple cute post-it note. I can tell you a million reason why I cherish cute things, but my top three are;  I can easily express myself by giving and making cute stuff, it gives a warm and fuzzy feeling, and lastly, it always put a smile on my dorky face (^_^).

At 37, I’m a late bloomer when it comes to cosmetics particularly makeup and skin care. I started my beauty journey and discovered the amazing and cruelty-free wonders of Asian-beauty skincare (like Korean and Japanese beauty products,) and I instantly become a fan! I’m also a lover of anything cute, especially cute stationeries, a life hacker and a DIY lover! So, come and join me as I share my experiences and amazing discoveries of the colorful world of Asian-beauty skin care, life hacks and everything in between.

As for the other side of me, I’m just a simple soul who also loves to cook, bake, and eat!!!Most of the time I’m harassing the kitchen, so the probability of you meeting me in the kitchen is infinite. A daughter, a wife, a friend, and a woman who just wants to explore her endless possibilities like to think that there is no box, and best of all, is willing to push her strength to make things possible. I’m also a certified Asian drama addict, a vegetarian, loves mangas, can’t get enough of her daily dose of animes, but her best attribute, is that she can seriously compete with a polar bear when it comes to hibernating. Oh, I almost forgot that she’s a procrastinator Numero UNO!

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